Jim Lutz is committed to standing up for your rights as an citizen and as a taxpayer in Columbus. Some major points are:

  • Affordable health care

Our health care costs are out of control. 44% of our State budget goes toward Medicaid, and that doesn’t include any other medical spending for retirements, and school and other employment health benefits. We need to have a system where everyone can get help to stay healthy, whether rich or poor. Technology is changing constantly, and there are many regulations that need to be changed to take advantage of efficiencies that new technologies can yield for us.

  • Better Education

Even though over a quarter of our State budget goes to fund schools, many children and young adults are being robbed of a chance at a good education in Ohio. We need to improve our schools to give them a chance at making a good living. Our system is outdated and we need to update to get better education using less money.

  • Fair pay

We should all have an opportunity to make a decent living when we put forth a good effort. Especially in our current economy, we can all be prosperous, whether we own a business, farm, or work in a factory or store.

  • Keeping our commitments to seniors and veterans

With pressure to cut costs in government and business, we need to keep the commitments to our seniors. They’ve worked all their lives and paid into retirement and we need to make sure it’s there for them when they need it most. Our injured and killed veterans have taken great risks and have seen the worst, and we need to make sure that we take care of them and their families too.

  • Equal protection under the law

We shouldn’t have to worry about whether we’re at a disadvantage in our lives. We should all be treated equally and fairly under the law. We shouldn’t fear the law for our lives, liberty, or property, and the poor shouldn’t have to worry about whether they can afford to defend themselves in court.